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 Posted: Wed May 15th, 2019 01:32 pm
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Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: Shit just got real. AEW have hired referees Earl Hebner and Paul Turner. Turner has been ROH since pretty much day one.

They are making some really strange hiring decisions. Guys from the past like Billy Gunn and Earl Heber (69 years young) aren't what's needed.

I hope I'm wrong, but my prediction right now is that AEW won't be successful. My biggest worry is that Cody will get pushed as the big star. The reason he didn't make it as far as he wanted in WWE is that he really isn't that good. It's looking a little too much like Jeff Jarrett all over again.I disagree with what you are saying, if they are doing things the way I think they are.  The reason?  In Billy Gunn, they get a veteran who knows how to put a match together.  He will be a good agent at the arenas, as he's seen pretty much everything there is to see.  Earl Hebner at 69 cannot be considered their Senior Referee.  He's not the Earl Hebner of even five years ago.  But Earl pretty much booked a good majority of the Women's division in TNA for a good while, if not at TV at least on the road.  I don't remember if he was the Women's Agent at TV.  But he also has like 60 years of experience as a ref.  This is a startup company.  They have six big names, and the rest are guys that are filling out the indies.  Those indy guys need to lean on people like Gunn and Hebner to learn how to make an impact on TV.  The one thing that every indy wrestler needs is TV time, and those two guys have forgotten more than any of the young guys know about wrestling on TV.
Oh, and if Cody IS pushed as the big star, you are correct - they are screwing up.  Kenny Omega has to be pushed as their Cena/Reigns.  Cody needs to be at the top, but on opposite sides of Kenny.  They can't do the whole Bullet Club/Elite deal because if they do, the entire rest of the roster will look very weak in comparison.

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