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 Posted: Wed May 15th, 2019 06:53 pm
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Ultimark wrote: The rumors are bullshit though. Ben for Lebron James was made up by a journalist from NBC based on one quote from a rival GM who said "I could very well see them looking into that". The story was based off of that alone. Not exactly well sourced. It also doesn't work cap wise at all. The Sixers would have to sign Butler and include him in the deal as well to make the money work or maybe Harris instead.

They are going to try hard to lock up Butler and Harris. Reddick could be a problem given the cap but they would like him back but for 2 years at less of a cap hit each year. The rest of the players are basically expendable parts. A few will be back. They will look to build the bench. Some of that hopefully comes from a couple of the young players they already have. The first priority needs to be a backup center. With Embiid on the floor, the Sixers were a dominant team. Without him, they were horrible. The plus/minus stats prove that. Even on Sunday, the 3 minutes he didn't play, they were a minus 9.

The Raps were the better team but it is very close and wouldn't have been had Embiid not been sick. I am not as nearly pessimistic as some. The window for this team opens next year.

Not a fan of Harris as he came up small in the playoffs and Boban was a non factor. Need a legit big man to back up Jo Jo.