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 Posted: Thu May 16th, 2019 02:44 am
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: victhestick wrote: Colt Cabana did an episode of his podcast about Bret vs Magee and said how as a WWE employee they could request a copy of any match from their library. He requested this match and his request was denied.

Meltzer talked for about 20 minutes about this yesterday. He said that they managed to not mention himself or Cabana, when they were responsible for the fame of the clip. He wrote an article about it 15 years ago, and Cabana talked about it on his podcast. Cabana used to request all sorts of strange matches when he was in developmental. He's often talked about requesting tapes of midget matches from MSG. His request wasn't denied, they just couldn't find it (remember, what we have just seen on the Network didn't come from the WWE archive). Meltzer also said that he  had a copy, but none of his taped are catalogued and he can't find anything since his wife made him put all his taped in the garage. Meltzer also said that he knew others had this tape, but it never made its way into the tape trading community.

In the documentary, I think it was Kassius Ohno or Tyson Kidd who took credit for requesting the match in developmental and getting denied.  One of those two.  That probably happened too, or they were used as a proxy for Cabana.

It was Tyson Kidd. He said he asked for it more than once, but never got it.