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 Posted: Fri May 17th, 2019 01:53 pm
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srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: A new era in sports entertainment as WWE Superstar Bruno Sammartino took the WWE title from Buddy Rogers at a WWE Live Event in New York. The WWE Universe was never the same.

Bruno t-shirt sales after this match were sensational. The double sided shirt on the front silk screen showed Bruno with Buddy in the backbreaker. The caption on the front read "Give it up Buddy or I'll break your fucking back" The back of the t-shirt said "You got it daddy". The shirt sold especially well amongst "bears" in the burgeoning homosexual community of New York in 1963. Buddy gave a good portion of his cut of the merch to the American Heart Association.  

I still come to S&W after all these years for this type of history lesson.  I feel humbled to learn new things and glean wisdom from the great historians that reside here.  God bless you and your family.  As long as you continue to educate me, I will continue to donate to your GoFundMe.  It's the least I can do.I'm humbled that God has chosen me as his vessel to keep the storied history of sports entertainment in the forefront of our nations collective mindset. I'm inspired to keep going every time I log on to the WWE Network and see our President take the Stone Cold Stunner. If it's good enough for the highest echelons of our government, it's good enough for me.

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