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 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2019 02:11 am
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WWE Untold is returning to the WWE Network! A new episode is set to premiere next weekend and the subject matter will certainly be of interest to many – The Big Bang and the re-launch of WCW. The Big Bang was supposedly going to be the relaunch of World Championship Wrestling when Eric Bischoff would regain control in 2001. Due to a number of factors, that did not take happen and the event did not take place. This episode of WWE Untold dives into the story.

As a reminder, this edition of WWE Untold featuring Booker T, Eric Bischoff, among others is set to air next weekend. Specifically, the show will air on Sunday, May 26th, at 8 PM EST on WWE Network. Like with any WWE Network special, it could potentially run longer or shorter than the advertised 30 minutes and it could be made available slightly before or slightly after the initial airing on the live stream.

Below is the WWE Network synopsis for the special:

Eric Bischoff, Booker T and more tell the true story of how WCW almost relaunched with a ‘big bang’ in 2001.

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