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 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2019 10:42 am
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The WWE Network is currently advertising an eight hour (12 PM Eastern - 8 PM Eastern) broadcast from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Sunday 5/26, featuring a combine with NXT talents competing against each other. The Network's schedule describes the broadcast as "NXT Superstars put their strength, speed and athleticism to the test in a battery of competitive events." It will be the first time since the PC's Combine has been instituted that the event will be broadcast on the Network. Highlights from previous combines have been released on WWE's social media platforms.

Following the Combine broadcast, the Network is slated to air a new episode of WWE Untold based around Eric Bischoff's plans to reboot World Championship Wrestling in 2001, which obviously never happened after Turner Broadcasting canceled the programming, paving the way for WWE to purchase WCW instead. Booker T, Bischoff and others were interviewed for the broadcast.

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