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 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2019 10:53 am
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krazykid18 wrote: Ultimark wrote: The Sixers will definitely keep Ben. They want to keep Butler but that is entirely up to him. He will be offered the max contract. If he declines, he losses $30m. Up to him. Ben is still on a rookie contract. He will sign his extension next year.

It is not a choice between the two at all. However, Butler is 7 years older than Ben, and has more miles on him.

As for how he left Minn, I don't care. The young stars there are soft. He didn't want to be stuck with them. I hope he signs an extension with the Sixers. The last year or 2 could be a waste but the window is only open for as long as Embiid has a career which probably isn't longer than 3 or 4 years anyway.

I would sign Jimmy if i want to get the best out of Embiid and Simmons because Jimmy is the perfect asshole that will get Simmons and Embiid to work on their flaws and also Jimmy asshole ways will expose how mentally tough Simmons and Embiid are because you seen how soft Wiggins and Towns were when Jimmy killed them destroying them with 13,14, 15th and g leaguers in practice.

Agree with you 1000%. Butler is needed for the Sixers and I'd take him over Harris anyday (even though Harris is apparently a done deal).