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 Posted: Mon May 20th, 2019 03:40 pm
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Kriss wrote: dr_papufnik wrote: These hypocrites also film in Georgia because there is less red tape, bureaucracy, and Union influence.
Why couldn't men get around the strike by having sex with one of the 48% of women in this country who identify as 'pro life'?  I mean this kills me.  They frame this as some sort of evil white man plot and use the word 'woman' as if these beliefs are held by every woman in the country. The Alabama bill was introduced by a women and signed into law by a woman.  The heads of many of these pro life organizations are women.  Donald Trump is president because of white women.

48% is quite low for what is pretty much a Christian theocracy. However, if these women or their daughters are the ones accidentally pregnant, the answer is often different. Which is understandable. Principles go out of the window when it comes to family.

In a lot of ways, this is the last gasp of religion in this country.  There is always some regression as traditionalists see advancement and get scared.  But the numbers don't lie.  Fewer Americans than ever before identify as religious, of those that do Christians are especially becoming an endangered species, and of THOSE that do very few are hardcore about it as evidenced by the shockingly low percentage of people who support abortion bans even in heavily red states.  At best it's close to 50-50 in the most religious of all religious states.  If they don't have a majority there, what hope do they have in the rest of the country?  This is being pushed by a small minority who are taking the opportunity to ride a wave of Trumpism, which has basically become contrarianism, and I really don't see it lasting long.  Republicans have really never been more fractured and they're searching for an identity and a way to regroup.  If you go online, you think it's never been stronger, but you have maybe 100,000 really vocal Internet Republicans who post everywhere, which isn't a drop in the bucket to the 300+ million Americans.  I think Trumpism will be seen as the death throes of the Republican party 50 years from now, and hopefully something better will come from it.  Similar things are happening on the Democrat side as well, and I think there's a somewhat legitimate chance to wind up with 4 major parties in a few decades after they both split.     

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