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 Posted: Wed May 22nd, 2019 08:43 am
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6/6/68 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa vs Buzz Orio
Maggie Santiago vs Donna McCoy
Chris Belkas vs Duke Savage
Big Luke vs George LaCourse

6/10/68 Lawrence MA
Arnold Skaaland beat Hans Mortier DQ
Virgil the Kentucky Butcher beat Ricky Sexton
Gorilla Monsoon beat Crybaby Cannon
Victor Rivera beat Bull Ramos
Edouard Carpentier beat Toru Tanaka

6/13/68 Boston MA
Duke Savage draw Oklahoma Kid
Donna McCoy beat Maggie Santiago
Chris Belkas draw George LaCourse
Buzz Orio draw Big Luke

6/15/68 Boston MA
Ricky Sexton beat Carlos Colon
John Tzinas beat Lenny Solomon
Crybaby Cannon beat Louis Cerdan
Hans Mortier beat Earl Maynard
Bull Ramos beat Homer O'Dell
Toru Tanaka DDQ Victor Rivera
Bruno Sammartino & Edouard Carpentier NC Virgil the Kentucky Butcher & Gorilla Monsoon

6/18/68 Portland ME
Earl Maynard vs Toru Tanaka
Gorilla Monsoon & George Canon vs Edouard Carpentier & Victor Rivera

6/19/68 Bangor ME
Arnold Skaaland vs Carlos Colon
George Cannon vs Lenny Solomon
Bull Ramos vs Earl Maynard
Gorilla Monsoon vs Hans Mortier
Edouard Carpentier & Victor Rivera vs Virgil the Kentucky Butcher & Toru Tanaka

6/20/68 Boston MA
Chief Eagle beat Duke Savage
Chris Belkas draw Buzz Orio
Bull Montana beat Big Luke
Donna McCoy beat Maggie Santiago

6/21/68 Wilmington MA
Ricky Sexton beat Angelo Savoldi
Bull Ramos beat Carlos Colon
Gorilla Monsoon beat Crybaby Cannon
Victor Rivera beat Hans Mortier
Edouard Carpentier DDQ Toru Tanaka

6/27/68 Boston MA
Alma Mills beat Donna McCoy
Buzz Orio beat Ty Torres
Chief Eagle beat Bull Montana DQ
Chris Belkas & Pat Sullivan beat Duke Savage & George LaCourse

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