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 Posted: Mon Dec 1st, 2008 09:49 am
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4/29/65 Salem
Pepper Martin & Shag Thomas beat El Shereef & Fritz Von Goering
Tito Carreon beat Haru Sasaki
Ricky Hunter beat Chris Belkas

4/30/65 Portland
Shag Thomas & Pepper Martin drew Soldat Gorky & Fritz Von Goering
Ricky Hunter beat Kazimoto
El Shereef beat Chris Belkas
Tito Carreon beat Ivan Kameroff dq

5/24/65 Portland
Pepper Martin & Shag Thomas beat Stan Stasiak & Fritz Von Goering
Tim Colt beat Pedro Godoy
Roy McClarty beat Soldat Gorky dq
Mad Russian beat Tito Carreon

6/24/65 Salem, OR @ Fairgrounds 4-H Arena
Shag Thomas beat Northwest Champion Stan Stasiak on a 2nd fall dq
1. Thomas pinned Stasiak after a series of head butts
2. Stasiak was dq'ed for using a foreign object
Tim Colt beat Fritz Von Goering 2-0
Mad Russian beat Haru Sasaki

6/25/65 Portland
Stan Stasiak beat Fritz Von Goering
John Pesek beat Frenchy Robbiere
Shag Thomas beat Haru Sasaki
Mad Russian drew Tim Colt
Soldat Gorky drew Matt Casey

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