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 Posted: Mon May 27th, 2019 05:48 am
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I managed to catch this episode of Nitro as a one off at my Uncle's house that Memorial Day. We didn't have cable in our household at the time and the WCW syndicated program was airing late on Sunday night/early Monday morning so my only way of following their product was through the Apter mags, which was always a couple of months behind. And obviously no internet or dirtsheet access, so when I saw Hall come out of the crowd in character as Razor Ramon I really believed he was there on behalf of the WWF issuing a challenge to WCW with all the Billionaire Ted references. I remember tuning in to WWF Superstars the next weekend or whenever it was to see what they had to say about it and remember Vince mentioning  in passing that Razor Ramon and Diesel were no longer with the WWF. When I finally was able to catch WCW Worldwide late one Sunday night during summer vacation I found out about Hogan joining up with Hall and Nash to become the NWO and it was a crazy holy shit moment. Then sometime thereafter WWF Superstars was suddenly replaced in its syndicated timeslot by WCW Pro and I was able to follow it on a weekly basis.

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