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 Posted: Wed May 29th, 2019 05:21 pm
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A lot of the time when it comes to the WWE Network’s weekly offering of “hidden gems”, the phrase “the old the better” tends to be uttered. Well, you can’t get much older than the trio of matches set to be uploaded tomorrow. All of them are from the 1950s and the lone star state of Texas. Long-time subscribers will remember that this isn’t the first time that the early days of Texas Wrasslin’ have been made available, with 4 matches from the decade being on the service as of writing. Of course, getting a batch of footage specifically dedicated to the era is rather new. Let’s take a look.

First, we have “The Legend of The Sheik“, dated 12/14/1954. This sees The original Sheik battling Juan Humberto. Next up is “The Bull is Loose“, dated 02/22/1955. Here we have the WWE Network debut of the legendary Wild Bull Curry as he takes on Danny Savich. Last but definitely not least, the final video set for upload tomorrow is “Becoming a Mad Dog“. Dated 03/19/1957, this footage allows a glimpse into the extremely early career of a very young “Mad Dog” Vachon as he faces off with The Amazing Zuma. Fans of a younger persuasion are more likely to remember Vachon from the rather memorable role he played during the HBK/Diesel no DQ match at In Your House 7 in 1996.

Besides the obvious Texas connection, this selection of matches seems to be following a “hardcore pioneers” theme. Finally, it should be noted that due to the above coming to us earlier than usual, there’s a chance that the list could still grow a little further before tomorrow. We’ll be sure to update you if that’s the case.

As always, here are the official synopses for all 3 matches:

12/14/1954 – The Legend of The Sheik [Duration: 11:09]

On his path to achieving legendary status as one of the pioneers of hardcore wrestling, The Sheik faced Juan Humberto at The Sportatorium.

02/22/1955 – The Bull is Loose [Duration: 21:30]

Danny Savich looks to tame one of the sport’s founding fathers of the hardcore style when he faces Wild Bull Curry from Dallas.

03/19/1957 – Becoming a Mad Dog [Duration: 14:34]

Before becoming known worldwide as the Mad Dog, ‘Mad’ Maurice Vachon took on The Amazing Zuma in this rarely seen contest from Texas.

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