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 Posted: Fri May 31st, 2019 03:39 pm
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I think the number of guys who could have worked as members of the Four Horsemen is pretty low. I like Ted DiBiase at any point in the group's history and also think Curt Hennig would have been great from late 1986 to the spring of 1987 onward. Either of them could have been the second singles wrestler behind Flair with Tully and Arn teaming or teaming with either Tully or Arn. Gino Hernandez would also have fit in had he not died.

For Greg Valentine to work as a Horseman, he would have needed to leave the WWF as soon as he and Brutus Beefcake lost the tag team belts. After that he was just another midcarder and no push would or could erase that. Him coming in to take Luger's place in late 1987 or early 1988 would have been a terrible idea.

Roddy Piper was not a Horseman. Not that he'd have left the WWF at that point anyway, but his hyperactive heel persona didn't fit in with this group.

Paul Orndorff was a great heel, but never seemed like a Horseman to me although I can't quite put my finger on why that was.