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 Posted: Fri May 31st, 2019 06:49 pm
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Franchise wrote: I think a aging 87/88 era Ken Patera would have been pretty cool for a year or so. He was past his prime so he wouldn’t be a threat to be an eventual challenger to Flair but he was still a beast. He previously had a good run in JCP and had an air about him. Plus I think working with more athletic workers would have made him look better.

A juiced to the gills Don Muraco would have been cool as well. Mother fucker was so cool he was just there to kick ass, get paid and surf.

Dibiase and Henning both would have been good fitsMuraco going back to the NWA around Wrestlemania 3 would have been money I think.  He didn't yet have the stink on him of sinking down the card, looked a helluva lot better than Valentine at this time, and could actually talk well enough to be the leader of a faction.  Usually the fourth Horseman after Ole left wasn't the best talker - even BW wasn't the best.  I think Patera would only work if they used him as "silent but deadly" and use his prison time as the basis for being in the Horsemen.  JJ is tired of dealing with Dusty throwing things in their way so they went to the most miserable prison in the world and paid a lot of money to get Patera out early, etc.  It would have worked, but not as well in my opinion as Muraco and a bunch of the others.
I still say Gino Hernandez was perfect.  Reason being, if he came to JCP to be a Horseman, he would talk a bit in his role, but he was smart enough to NOT be Flair if they told him not to be Flair.  Then - as time goes on and they sleight Gino, Gino could let his persona blossom as he went after Flair as a "Lone Wolf" type.  And as JCP brought the UWF under his umbrella, all of a sudden here comes Chris Adams to the aid of his old partner after they settled their blood feud in World Class.

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