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 Posted: Sun Jun 2nd, 2019 10:21 pm
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Kriss wrote: I've given up on the WWE Network for now. I really wasn't watching much anymore. I've seen the entire run of ECW. I wanted to watch the WCW to the end, but it's taking too long and I'm not enjoying it at all. I can't really watch the main roster because I don't have any good way to watch Raw or SmackDown. Yeah there's good wrestling on NXT, but there's good wrestling everywhere. So, I'm going to give my wrestling ten bucks to someone else for a while.
What's good at the moment?
Well I don't blame you for giving up on the Network, but I have to admit that I watched the NXT Takeover 25 last night, and it was great. I had never seen most of the guys either. The opener between Rodderick Strong vs. Matt Riddle was a Pillman vs. Liger type curtain jurker match, it was that good. It was followed by a four way ladder match that was better than the main roster could possibly do based on Vince's restrictions. The card slightly tapered off overall afterwords, but it was a great show. Much better in ring work than ROH, most of MLW, and all of the WWE main roster except DB, AJ, or Joe.

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