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 Posted: Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 12:21 pm
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Heenan Fan wrote: Papa Voo wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Kevin Gilbride reminds me of that scene from Major League:

Scout #1: "I thought this guy was dead?"

Scout #2: "Then cross him off the list."

Seriously, can you just imagine what a fuckin' disaster this is going to be? The most out of touch human being in the entire world trying to run a professional football league!!!!

Now he does dick-chopped movie quotes with stupid wrestling jokes. 

Vapor Poo, seriously, stop. I can go off at how you lock random threads for no reason and ban longtime posters at the other site, but I don't. Get some help, buddy.

Please tell us.  We can be your support system and help you talk things out.  

How long are you going to pout  about being banned?  I think you are the only person I know of being banned because of the worthless drivel you posted.  It is comparable to a guy telling jokes to a mirror and then laughs uncontrollably at himself.    “Hey, does your dick reach your ass?  Then go fuck yourself!”   

Long time poster?   A guy hung up on post counts so he just posts stupid, corny and senseless shit to increase his total in a short period of time.  It really sounds like a person with self-esteem issues.  

What else happened that put you in this sad state?  Or, is it that your dumb-ass ego was hurt because you got banned from a internetz message board?   When did this first begin to occur?  Have you talked about this with other people?  Do you feel like hurting yourself or others?  Is this when your alcohol consumption began or have you always been an obnoxious drunk? 

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“Anybody notice that Papa Voo can make all these posts, despite the fact he hasn't been logged in all night? #S&W (Scumbag Liars & Worthless Trash)“

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