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 Posted: Tue Jun 4th, 2019 02:01 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: srossi wrote: *sigh*

Ok, so I'll bite.  What's the history here?  I only go to this board but obviously we have a feud carrying over from elsewhere.  Might as well inject some entertainment since all the flame wars ended here years ago.  And this is a good thread to do it in because no one cares about XFL coaches anyway.  Go for it. 
He doesn't like me because I had the audacity to tell a few jokes and try to put a smile on people's faces from time to time. I know, I'm a monster, right? 

Not a monster just a weird fucking person who insults problem drinkers who hone their craft in the daylight.  You also make people nervous traveling back and forth in the third person.  And your comedic troll gimmick hit the wall a couple of months ago. Anything else, donkey pisser? 

“Anybody notice that Papa Voo can make all these posts, despite the fact he hasn't been logged in all night? #S&W (Scumbag Liars & Worthless Trash)“

-(Comedian/Troll Wanna Be) Heenan Fan-