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 Posted: Wed Jun 5th, 2019 03:04 pm
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srossi wrote: khawk wrote: srossi wrote: khawk wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: BItterOldMan wrote: Nick Bockwinkel would have made a great Horseman with his cool,cocky demeanor low-key but believable promos and in-ring work. And he looked great in a suit.Agreed, but he was long in the tooth at the time.
Bock in JJ's role would have worked very well, not that JJ wasn't great in that spot, but if they start the group with Bock in that spot, he is also a perfect fit.

As the manager maybe, but not as a member. Bockwinkel basically was Flair. Neither would play second fiddle to the other. 
You don't consider JJ a member of the group? He would be in JJ's role.Plus he could wrestle better and make the matches that JJ went in more credible in terms of the outcome.

If JJ was a member they’d be the Five Horsemen. I only like Bock in the role after he retired and around the time he was doing his WCW Commissioner stuff. While still an active competitor I see him and Flair as too similar and both main eventers. 
That's the point.  Bockwinkel in JJ's role not only makes the "manager" more credible in that he can actually defend himself well (actually JJ could have done this but was content being the guy that took the beatdown for the group when needed), but also the fact that in time Bockwinkel could turn on Flair and the group based on virtually anything - greed, jealousy, or Flair just talking about somebody like Terry Funk being too old to challenge for the belt.  Bock could take the age thing to heart and spend a year selling out houses doing broadway's with Flair.  Bock could get a Dusty run with the belt too, for like a month, to set up a blowoff at Starrcade or something.

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