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 Posted: Wed Jun 5th, 2019 03:45 pm
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khawk wrote: srossi wrote: khawk wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: BItterOldMan wrote: Nick Bockwinkel would have made a great Horseman with his cool,cocky demeanor low-key but believable promos and in-ring work. And he looked great in a suit.Agreed, but he was long in the tooth at the time.
Bock in JJ's role would have worked very well, not that JJ wasn't great in that spot, but if they start the group with Bock in that spot, he is also a perfect fit.

As the manager maybe, but not as a member. Bockwinkel basically was Flair. Neither would play second fiddle to the other. 
You don't consider JJ a member of the group? He would be in JJ's role.Plus he could wrestle better and make the matches that JJ went in more credible in terms of the outcome.

J.J. was more perfect for that role because he was a former wrestler, who retired and then wrestled like a manager although he could do so much more. Bockwinkel would've just come off as poor man's midwestern version of Ric Flair if he wrestled more credibly and undoubtedly a wrestler as good as the rest of the Horsemen - which was not what the team needed in a manager. They needed a foil in matches like War Games and Nick Bockwinkel 1984-1987 was certainly no one's foil.

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