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 Posted: Wed Jun 5th, 2019 04:10 pm
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Here's my European perspective. Biden is just riding the Obama wave. He's probably hoping that the time is right for an old, white racist version of Obama. He's ahead in the poles, but it's nowhere to where Hilary was four years ago, and he's losing support. I'd guess that Biden and Sanders are getting their polling numbers from their name recognition, and I'd expect numbers to move after the TV debates. To me, they aren't even the best two candidates. If you want a racist white man as president, vote for Mayor Pete, and of you are a dirty commie, Warren is a better bet than Bernie and won't need to nap in the afternoon.

If Biden gets nominated and wins, he won't fix any of the problems Obama created, and it'll just open the door for another far right madman like Trump.

Embrace the left, America, your fire departments, police and most of the armed forces work under socialism, you just need to take a few more steps.