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 Posted: Thu Jun 6th, 2019 08:54 pm
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BlueThunder wrote: The fact that a two time loser has a double digit lead over his competitors speaks volumes on how horrible the Dem party is. This guy couldn't make headwaves in 1988 when Dukakis was the frontrunner. Dukakis may have been the worst candidate in my lifetime. In 2008, he was never in the picture. If he wasn't Obama's bitch, he wouldn't even be running for the office.

I never really like the guy's politics or his personality.

He has a couple of things going for him.
1. As already mentioned, he gets a rub for being the VP of a very charismatic President.

2. In a field of crazed socialist liberals, his policies are sane by comparison.

3. Trump's personality alienates a percentage of the population even if he has a long list of accomplishments.

He also has a few things working against him. If he stays moderate, he will alienate the woke crowd. They may take their ball and go elsewhere like they did when Hillary beat Bernie. If he goes left to appease the libs, he might alienate centrist Independents. He has a tough balancing act. He is going to have to answer for a lot of his previous stances, such as the 94 Crime Bill. Also, he seems to have really aged these last few years. Can he take an onslaught of shots from the 83 Dem candidates? If he gets the nom, can he do three or four campaign shows a day like Trump?

BT, I know you're right wing.  No judgments.  I am giving you my point of view on politics on the left. 

FWIW, I am a crazed socialist liberal (at least by Republican standards).  Biden sucks.  This is how a lot of us feel.  I won't say a majority of us, but a very good amount.  There is very little difference in his policies and history than what we see in the Republican party.

After experiencing 2016, we see a repeat of the last Presidential election if this guy gets the nod.  And then WE'RE gonna get blamed again.  Even though all major media outlets pushed this gut from day 1.  Even though there were tons of hit pieces on the progressive candidates.  Even though we're going to run into the superdelegate issue again, just 1 round later at the Dem convention.  Even if he struggles in the rust belt and PA.  I hope for his sake he actually spends time campaigning there instead of thinking he has it in the bag like Hillary did.  That was her biggest flaw, well that and her general cringeworthy speeches.

13% of 2012 Obama voters voted for Trump in 2016.  That is a pretty significant amount of people because Obama has record numbers of people turning out.

4.4 million Obama voters from 2012 stayed home in 2016.

How was ever a "Bernie or Bust" issue?  That is the drivel the Hillary supporters give us.
Take a look at this map.  It basically shows you were Trump picked up actual voters who switched.  Every swing state she ignored.  That's more of an indictment on Hillary than ANYTHING Bernie could have caused.

Map of Obama 2012 - Trump 2016 voters

Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

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