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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 05:48 pm
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I watched this doc over the weekend and it was not at all what I expected.  Obviously Moore is Moore and he makes slick documentaries that are highly slanted.  I expected a 2-hour hit piece on Trump, which is basically what the movie is marketed as. 

You get that for the first half hour, but I was pretty shocked that there's about an hour in the middle dedicated solely to trashing the liberal establishment in a way that I really have never seen before from one of their own.  This was a brutal takedown of Pelosi, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even Obama that was far beyond what FOX News could have done.  They're pretty much blamed for the rise of Trumpism through their incompetence, greed, and neglect of the American public. 

There really is no stone left unturned in bashing them on every point dating back to the '90s with Clinton's "3 strikes" mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and "Don't Ask Don't Tell".  This is followed up by a pretty in-depth look at the DNC and the "super delegates" screwing over Bernie as Hillary is shown to be nothing short of a dithering idiot.  There's also a hidden microphone as a local Democratic candidate is basically sabotaged and told to drop out by the establishment, which leads to a bit on AOC bucking the system and beating Hillary's cronies.  Pelosi and Schumer are then brutalized at length.

But perhaps the main event is Moore going to Flint, which is of course his bread and butter.  They set it up as the evil Republican Rick Snyder poisoning the drinking water for his own financial gain. lying to the people on Michigan, and then drinking some water in a publicity stunt.  This is juxtaposed with heroic soaring music as Obama heads to town to save the day.  Very eye-rolling stuff.  But it turns into a set-up as Obama meets the joyous people of Flint and tells them the same lies, says the water is now safe, and does the same publicity stunt of drinking the water.  This is followed by shocked silence and a screeching end to the music and an interview with a black woman who says, "He came in as my President but he wasn't my President anymore after he left."  Wow!  And he blames this stunt on Hillary losing Michigan when Obama supporters either stayed home or outright voted for Trump.

Anyway, we go back to more Trump-bashing, which is too easy, and Moore gets sidetracked by Parkland because he's Moore, but we get the conclusion piece showing rampant corruption on both sides and basically calling for a (presumably gun-free) revolution.  Not exactly what I expected from him.  Of course no conservative actually watched the movie (all the Netflix reviews are typical rants from Trumpsters) but I thought this was a really well-rounded piece and more than his usual drivel. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.