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4/1/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
Pretty Boy Collins and Tom Jones vs The Mongolian #1 and Oki Shikina
Terry Lathan vs Bill Ash
Ricky Fields vs The Scorpion

9/23/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
Tom Shaft vs Don Fargo (Billed as United States Title Match, but Tom Shaft lost it in Jackson on 9/20/78)
Tom Jones and Terry Gordy vs The Mongolian #1 and The Mongolian #2
The Great Mephisto vs Percy Pringle

10/7/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
The Great Mephisto and Tom Shaft vs The Mongolians
Kate Larue vs Tracy Richards
Terry Gordy vs Oki Shikina

10/14/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
The Great Mephisto vs Oki Shikina (No DQ, No Time Limit)
Dr. X and Dr. XX vs Tom Jones and [Mississippi HC:] Porkchop Cash
--plus 2 more..

10/28/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
Tom Shaft and Troy Graham vs The Mongolians (w/Percy Pringle)
Joey Rossi vs Michael Hayes
Ugly Bear Harris vs Rick Conners

11/11/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
Dr. X vs Porkchop Cash
Tom Jones and Ken Mantell vs Oki Shikina and Ugly Bear Harris
Rick Conners vs Big Boy Williams

11/25/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
The Mongolians vs Plowboy Frazier and Tom Shaft
King Cobra vs The Mighty Yankee
Johnny Mantell vs The Masked Marvel

12/16/78 Yazoo City, MS - Armory
Troy Graham vs The Mongolian #1 ($500 Bounty Match)
Porkchop Cash and King Cobra vs The Green Shadow and Ugly Bear Harris
Joey Rossi vs The Mongolian #2