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 Posted: Fri Jun 14th, 2019 09:52 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Dr. Strangelove wrote: Here's a way to keep BOTH KD and Klay off the free agency market.But will the Warriors be willing to tie up 70 mil in two players who won't play next yr and Cousins and Looney will be gone next season also 

The Warriors will keep Durant if he wants to stay. ( I think they feel like they owe it to him)Thompson will stay. No doubt in my mind.Cousins made 6 mil with Warriors. He didn't play that well to get that much more. Damion Jones was playing well before he got hurt. Won't break my heart if he goes.Looney made 1.6 mil. He might be hard for Warriors to keep.Iguedala says he wants to come back for one more season next year but I can't see the Warriors paying him 18 mil again. Livingston has to retire. His play regressed so much you don't want him on the court.

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