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 Posted: Wed Jun 19th, 2019 10:08 pm
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Heenan Fan wrote: bpickering wrote:

Steve Austin returned to podcasting with today's episode of the Steve Austin Show, with AEW President Tony Khan.

The Texas Rattlesnake announces that the podcast format will be one "live" (new) episode on Tuesdays and a classic episode rebroadcast on Thursdays.

Moving on to the interview with Tony Khan, they discuss Double or Nothing, the performance of Dustin Rhodes and the importance of emotion, Tony's fandom of the Natural, details on Bret Hart appearing on the pay-per-view, going into the show doing a promotion with very little footage and more.

Khan discusses the importance of tag teams in AEW, revealing that not only will there be a Tag Team Tournament to crown the first-ever AEW male Tag Team Champions when they get weekly television in the fall on TNT, but also announced there will be Womens Tag Team Championships down the line.

Austin opens up about how the Stone Cold Podcast with the former Dean Ambrose, now Jon Moxley, really affected him. Austin discusses reconnecting with Moxley and saying everything is all good now.

Moxley has communicated with Austin and he will do a future episode of the Steve Austin Show.

Tony talks about where he sees their business model, saying that AEW will not have a traditional house show model. He states he doesn't want performers wearing themselves out six nights a week. Khan says he can't really do an off-season in the modern era, but you can give talent time to breathe. Tony says that they could do a few live events and supplement the lives of performers with international dates or other business opportunities from his media partners.

Steve Austin asks Khan If that model is sustainable and Khan believes that it is.

Stone Cold follows up by asking Tony about his father and their relationship. Tony goes into how his father is invested in AEW.

Khan talks about all the lessons he learned in production with Double or Nothing, Fyter and Fight for The Fallen.

Tony confirms that Fight for The Fallen, like Fytcr, will be free for on Bleacher Report Live in the US.

It's a really great interview.
After listening to this podcast, I decided to go to the Network to listen to the Stone Cold Podcast with Dean Ambrose. I have to ask, did WWE edit out the parts that Austin disliked? Because I must say that I did not sence any serious hostility from either man. At one point, my wife came home from work and starting talking to me, but that was only for like a minute. 

Even the part where Austin started talking about Dean resting on his laurels as WWE champion - that was at the very end of the broadcast, despite Austin stating that the interview started off on the wrong foot from the beginning. It just didn't seem as bad as Austin made it out to be when he was talking to Tony Khan. So does anyone know if it was edited, I didn't see any noticeable jump cuts.

I saw it when it first aired and remember it as you described. Austin always jumped into working mode at the end in these interviews, like he did with Lesnar, and that’s what it seemed like to me. I didn’t notice a whole lot else earlier, other than the fact that Ambrose is just a really weird guy not comfortable in that type of environment. I also recall Ambrose getting heat for saying the Lesnar match at WM sucked because Lesnar wasn’t willing to do anything.     

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.