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 Posted: Thu Jun 20th, 2019 08:57 am
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05/26/54 San Antonio TX
Bull Curry NC Ray Gunkel
Stu Gibson beat Danny McShain 
Alo Leilani beat Ivan Kalmikoff
Don Evans beat Larry Chene
Enrique Guzman beat Karol Krauser

05/08/54 Beaumont TX
Bull Curry beat Larry Chene
Enrique Guzman beat Don Evans
Prince Maivia beat Karol Krauser
Kathleen Wombley beat Betty White
Ivan Kalmikoff beat Ray Gunkel

05/15/54 Beaumont TX
Larry Chene beat Bull Curry
Prince Maivia & Enrique Guzman beat Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Krauser
Otto Kuss draw Don Evans
Cyclone Anaya beat Bill McDaniels

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