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 Posted: Sat Jun 22nd, 2019 01:03 am
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I do not like them.  

I do think that it is taking jobs away from the economy but that is not the reason that I do not like them.  

I do not like bagging my own items.  Bottles and heavier items need double-bagged.  Hell with that. 

Another thing I hate are those plastic bags on the rack. Sometimes you will get to a point where they are practically sealed together.  You then need to try and find an opening.  My patience is as big as a thumbnail for this. I start removing chunks of unopened bags at a time looking for a bag with the slightest opening to open a bag.  Sometimes my area looks like a tornado hit it.  More than once I have had the self-checkout monitor come and ask if I needed help.  I know the real reason she came over is because of the mess I making with unopened bags in my area.  She was the cause of this to begin with because she did not prepare the bags before I got to that area.  I have told the self-checkout monitor a couple of times that if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing then the mess would not have occurred. 

I go shopping VERY early in the mornings so many times they have no registers open or only one register open and thus forcing shoppers to the self-checkout. 

A quick story.  There was a guy checking out in front of me at a self-checkout.  Mid 50’s. Had a cammo ballcap on.   Probably a machinist, millworker or energy resource worker. Definitely a blue-collar type. No registers were open.  All he had was some type of greeting card. The thing beeped a few times.  Or maybe it didn’t ring it up correctly. Maybe it counted the price twice.  Whatever.  The guy you could tell was very frustrated.  Finally, he just launched the greeting card up in the air with a quick fling like paper airplane and it flew about 10-20 feet to the right. He walked out muttering under his breath.  I was howling. That was a classic!  The toss was perfect, also.  The card went zig-zagging in the air. 

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