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 Posted: Sat Jun 22nd, 2019 11:38 am
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03/12/55 Beaumont TX
Bull Curry beat The Sheik
Marvin Jones & Otto Kuss beat Pierre LaSalle & Maurice Vachon
Ray Gunkel beat Verne Taft
Larry Chene beat Maurice Vachon
Tony Baillargeon beat Pierre LaSalle
Rocky Columbo beat Rey Urbano

04/04/55 Fort Worth Tx
Bull Curry vs Tarzan Mike
Duke Keomuka vs Otto Kuss
Millie Stafford vs Ethel Brown
Ronnie Etchison vs Maurice Vachon
Cyclone Anaya vs Rey Urbano
Raul Zapata vs Leo Newman

05/14/55 Beaumont TX
Ronnie Etchison beat Bull Curry
Raul Zapata beat Larry Chene
Pepper Gomez beat A-Bomber (Bob Geigel)
Stu Gibson beat Son of Ali Baba
Pierre LaSalle beat Ray Piret

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