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 Posted: Mon Jun 24th, 2019 06:46 pm
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tamalie wrote: There is literally no chance that this will actually happen. The real deal is that the Rays are in a bad stadium situation, want a new one, the efforts to get one in the Tampa Bay area are stuck in the mud, and the team decided with MLB consent to get things unstuck by creating an ultimatum of sorts for its home community and its political leaders. The Tampa Bay Area can either build a new stadium to keep the team, potentially lose half the games, or potentially lose the team entirely. There has been an effort in Montreal to get a new team since the Expos left. By offering Montreal a chance, it spurs things there and puts pressure on the Tampa Bay area. The Rays only said the team is exploring the option, with too many media members who should know better taking the statement as a move is happening while failing to read between the lines and see that this is a stadium ploy in the same way the supposed contraction of the Twins and Expos around 2001-02 was sham that was really a stadium ploy.
The deal the Rays willingly signed with St Petersburg means they're legally obliged to play all their home games in that ballpark. They can't do a damn thing til 2027, unless they offer the city enough money (which they won't). 
I've got no idea why so few people go to Rays games, as they have a decent team (and had one last year, too). I hope they outdraw the Marlins, though, because I've had more people in bed with me at times than the Marlins have had at games.