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 Posted: Tue Jun 25th, 2019 04:28 pm
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Ultimark wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: I met Moore at a coffee shop. He's a really likable guy. I like his movies but I don't agree with some of what he has to say in them. I do like that he calls out both sides, and he predicted that Trump would win because so many disenfranchised working class people were going to vote for him as a fuck you to the political establishment.Yep.  I have an ultra liberal neighbor who lost his mind when Moore made that prediction.  He wasn't laughing at 10 PM on election night.  
Having said all of this, the right lives in a fantasy as well.  Some thought they would keep the House.  No chance.  None.  Both sides really are strange right now.  You have a big gov guy like Trump with a dark vision and a socialist like Sanders who thinks the answer is to make everything free.  It used to be these types were the fringe element.  No more. 

There are 3 major reason these candidates are not fringe anymore:
1.  Clinton "working" with Republicans in the late 90s, de-regulating the financial sector (which was continued by Bush in the 2000s).
2.  The Tea Party pushing the R's far right, and left's retaliation in response.
3.  The Citizen's United decision ensures money is never our of politics, leading to the support of grass-roots populists candidates.

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