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 Posted: Thu Jun 27th, 2019 12:23 am
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khawk wrote: Blazer wrote: Notwithstanding that the ratings posted are rounded up,

And unequivocally keeping the final decision by the referee in mind,

I hereby declare the Raw Ratings Title vacant,

And FURTHERMORE, the top 14 sport and wrestling superstars will compete in a single.elimination.tournament at Trump Plaza to determine the undisputed Raw Ratings Champion.

And Furthernore I hereby notwithstanding therefore declare that Heenanfan and Angelic Assasin will receive a first round BYE.
Shenanigans! I shared the win, I wanna bye too!
(I see the mistake, you meant to call heenan fan "bi"...easy mistake)
Is that even appropriate? Besides, it was just one time and she told me she loved me!

Haters will hate though. 

"Comedians are just like Pro Wrestlers...all the good ones are dead!" Me, 2019

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