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 Posted: Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 09:43 pm
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-There wasn't really a direct confrontation, but I think the lame feud between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Dino Bravo was first brought up at the SummerSlam Brother Love Show.

-Another feud that officially started on the show was Bad News Brown choking out Jack Tunney-- claiming Tunney had received "favors" from Miss Elizabeth.

-ZEUS debuted on the Brother Love show. ZEUS!

-Tito Santana attacked Rick Martel, sometime in the summer of 1989 to keep their feud simmering.

-Ditto for the Honky Tonk Man vs. Jimmy Snuka program.

-I think Andre made his first official challenge to the Warrior, around August 1989 on the Show, when he came out as the "Ultimate Giant" (with face paint).

-The Rick Rude/Roddy Piper program kinda' started on the set of Prime Time with the Piper and Heenan verbally sparing. It continued at SummerSlam '89, then got a syndicated TV "official kick-off" when Rude attacked Piper on the Brother Love Show.

-I think the Genius officially announced his manager/partnership with Mr. Perfect on the show.

-The 1990 Royal Rumble Brother Love Show was nothing but a set-up for the Macho Man/Sherri vs. Dusty/Sapphire feud.