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 Posted: Mon Jul 8th, 2019 11:13 am
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11/3/1971 Ft Devens MA
Pedro Morales vs Lou Albano

11/3/1971 Dover-Foxcroft, ME
Karl Gotch beat Mike Monroe
Rene Goulet draw Stan Stasiak
The Russians beat Manuel Soto & Mike Pappas
Chief Jay Strongbow beat Beautiful Bobby

11/4/1971 Exeter NH
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Stan Stasiak

11/5/1971 North Attleboro MA
Mike Monroe beat Tomas Marin
Juan Caruso beat Dean Ross
Karl Gotch beat Mike Conrad
Rene Goulet beat Beautiful Bobby
Chief Jay Strongbow DDQ Stan Stasiak

11/9/1971 Belfast ME
Moose Monroe beat Mike Conrad
Jimmy Valiant beat Karl Gotch
Luke Graham beat Manuel Soto
Tarzan Tyler NC Victor Rivera
Chief Jay Strongbow & Rene Goulet beat The Russians DQ

11/10/1971 Augusta ME
Karl Gotch beat Moose Monroe
Victor Rivera draw Jimmy Valiant
Rugged Russian #1 beat Mike Conrad
Rugged Russian #2 beat Manny Soto
Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler DDQ Chief Jay Strongbow & Rene Goulet

11/11/1971 Burlington VT
Johnny War Eagle & Billy Two Eagles vs Gilles Poisson & Maxime Zarinoff
Giant Jean Ferre vs Man Mountain
Vivian Vachon & Yvonne Eric vs Jean Antone & June Byers
Steve Rickard vs Denis Gauthier

11/12/1971 North Attleboro MA
Tomas Marin beat Chuck Richards DQ
Karl Gotch beat Juan Caruso
Gorilla Monsoon & Manuel Soto beat the Rugged Russians
Fred Blassie beat Rene Goulet DQ

11/12/1971 Springfield MA
Tito Torres vs Dean Ross
Mike Pappas vs Bull Molina
Mike Conrad vs Mike Monroe
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Beautiful Bobby
Pedro Morales & Victor Rivera vs Stan Stasiak & Jimmy Valiant

11/13/1971 Boston MA
The Russians beat Rene Goulet & Mike Pappas
Manuel Soto beat Mike Conrad
Karl Gotch beat Moose Monroe
Freddie Blassie beat Beautiful Bobby
Stan Stasiak beat Chief Jay Strongbow
Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham beat Victor Rivera & Gorilla Monsoon COR
Pedro Morales beat Jimmy Valiant

11/19/1971 North Attleboro, MA
Black Demon beat Tomas Marin
Vincente Pometti beat Mike Conrad
Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham beat Chief Jay Strongbow & Manuel Soto DQ
Freddie Blassie beat Gorilla Monsoon

11/20/1971 Lowell MA
Freddie Blassie vs Jay Strongbow
Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham vs Manuel Soto & Gorilla Monsoon
Mike Conrad vs Black Demon
Bull Pometti vs Tomas Marin

11/26/1971 North Attleboro MA
Moose Monroe beat the Black Demon DQ
Sonny Boy Hayes draw Little Brutus
The Russians beat Manuel Soto & Mike Conrad
Freddie Blassie DDQ Victor Rivera

11/27/1971 Springfield MA
Tomas Marin vs Mike Monroe
Juan Caruso vs the Black Demon
Rene Goulet vs Freddie Blassie
Victor Rivera & Manuel Soto beat Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham

11/30/1971 Burlington VT
Jos LeDuc vs Abdullah the Butcher
Jacques Rougeau vs Mike DuBois
Celine Fontaine vs Cuddles Anderson
Carlos Rocha vs Brute Martin
Paul LeDuc vs Don Serrano

11/30/1971 Bridgeport CT
The Rugged Russians vs Manuel Soto & Tomas Marin
Karl Gotch vs the Black Demon
Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham vs Chief Jay Strongbow & Rene Goulet

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