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Apologies if posted, did not see them, and I didn't have them. If anyone has an account to and can verify these, it would be greatly appreciated. Sometimes the OCR isn't clean

1/7/78 Sarasota, FL - Robarts Arena
Don Muraco d. Karl Kox COR 19:15
Florida Tag Team Champions Steve Keirn and Mike Graham d. Mr. Saito and Ivan Koloff 19:01
Ivan Putski vs Tank Patton
Jerry Brisco vs Randy Brewer
--note, originally the main event was Dusty Rhodes and Don Muraco vs Lars Anderson and Karl Kox, however according to the 1/9/78 Sarasota Journal, Lars Anderson was injured by Dusty Rhodes in Jacksonville on 1/5/78

2/17/78 Sarasota, FL - Robarts Arena
Dusty Rhodes vs Karl Kox
9 man Battle Royal with Andre the Giant
Bobby Duncum vs Pedro Morales
Steve Keirn vs Mr. Sato
Mike Graham vs Jerry Brisco
Bubba Douglas vs Tank Patton

11/4/78 Sarasota, FL - Robarts Arena
Karl Kox vs Pak Song (Lights Out)
Dusty Rhodes and Mike Graham vs Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato
Wahoo McDaniel vs The Missouri Mauler
Rocky Johnson vs Eric the Red
Jerry Brisco vs Ali Bey
Jim Garvin vs Rick Oliver
Prince Tonga vs Pete Austin

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