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 Posted: Thu Jul 11th, 2019 09:30 am
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2/15/1933 Columbus OH
Frank Sexton draw Karl Davis
George McCloud beat Cleve Welch Frank French Joe Banaski Louis Lachree & Suleyman Bey battle royal
Stacy Hall beat Paddy Mack DQ 
Louis Lachree beat Joe Banaski
George McCloud beat John Katan
Jack Reynolds beat Silent Rattan

3/21/1933 Columbus OH
Francis Sexton beat Bob Mattingly
Stacy Hall beat Les Nelson
Andy Rascher draw Jim Coffield
Al Stecher draw Ray Carpenter
Earl McCann beat Iota Shima
3/29/1933 Columbus OH
Frank Sexton draw Ole Anderson
Stacy Hall beat Steve Nenoff
Al Stecher beat Bey Sulayman
Gino Garibaldi beat Wee Willie Davis
George McCloud beat Joe Banaski

4/27/1933 Youngstown OH
Bearcat Jones beat Frank Sexton
Archie Rauta beat Andy Rascher
Bobby Blake beat Leslie Nelson
4/28/1933 Columbus OH
Frank Sexton draw Pat Mitchell
Archie Rauta beat Beaver Jones
Andy Rascher beat Leo Alexander
Stacy Hall beat Merle Dolby
Ray Carpenter beat Joe Banaski
5/5/1933 Columbus OH
Archie Rauta beat Frank Sexton
Joe Montana draw Turp Grimes
Leo Wallich beat Herb Slagle
Andy Rascher beat Jack Kogut
Stacy Hall beat Merle Dolby
5/31/1933 Columbus OH
Frank Sexton beat Herb Slagle
Archie Rauta beat Tony Ricco
Lee Wyckoff beat Andy Rascher
Everett Marshall beat Dr Karl Sarpolis COR

7/14/1933 Chillicothe OH
Frank Sexton draw Father Roy Lumpkin
Leo Wallich beat Jack Smith
Bob Taylor beat Bill Miller

7/21/1933 Chillicothe OH
Father Roy Lumpkin beat Frank Sexton
Leo Wallich beat Dick Griffin
Bob Taylor draw Frankie Hart
8/23/1933 Columbus OH
Ed White beat Frank Sexton
Bill Cotter draw Harold Herbert
Ray Overturf beat Jack Powers
Bobby Novak draw Larry Straub
Eddie Belshaw beat Jack Domar
Jack Reynolds beat Stacy Hall
9/18/1933 Augusta GA
Bill Hassan beat Frank Sexton
Jake Fulcher beat Speck Hamilton
Ed Malone beat Jack Ross
10/2/1933 Portsmouth OH
Ed White beat Frank Sexton
Eddie Belshaw draw Harold Speedy Sims
Earle Hassan NC Jack Damar
10/19/1933 Canton OH
Paul Harper beat Frank Sexton
Alex Laird draw Paul Vallis
Johnny Monninger beat Morrie Suber
Leo Wallich beat Ray Carpenter

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