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 Posted: Thu Jul 11th, 2019 11:04 pm
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I used to see her a lot at Klein's Gym in the early 70s when she worked the desk when Lou wasn't there.   She seemed nice, but really beat, as we would usually go on Sundays if memory serves,and she was still pretty tired from having worked the evening  before.
One Sunday she got teased fairly well, the evening before getting spanked by Lou in a mixed tag team match that they'd had.   Could never understand that, and not only that incident, but also in general.  There were things that went down which made some great stories, but something like that was just part of the business.  One of hundreds of gimmicks, moves, or scenarios to be honed, modified, and used when thought best reaction from the fans.     
She and a fellow going by the name of Cowboy Hondo had a relationship, and I can tell you that she was head over heals in love with the guy.   I didn't see that much of him, but when I did,  he seemingly returned the feelings many fold.   
Once, when some of the kids I went with (late teens in those days) pranked her and crossed the line of any standard of decency doing so, she became furious tearing out, and got Cowboy, who stomped out and read them the riot act with a viciousness that damned near shook the walls.   Needless to say, nobody messed with "Tanya" as we knew her, after that :) .... 
The last time that I saw her was at Olympia Stadium where Dick The Bruiser was establishing a rival franchise to Eddie Farhat's.   I can tell you true, your mother had dolled herself up to the point that she would have put any model to shame.   She looked absolutely gorgeous.  If I remember correctly, blond hair straight down in a Doris Day type front curl on either side, Makeup just right too accentuate her pretty facial features, black skirt, almost a mini and boots that were the fashion in those days.   Ole "Cowboy" escorted her arm in arm looking protective and proud, as he had more than every right to be.   They were probably there for the same reason my friends and I were, to see if work was available then or in future, especially with a franchise just starting up.   
That last time I saw her is how I'll always remember her -  on that evening, there was nobody on this Earth who looked more the Lady, nor more beautiful.
- Paul Payerps ... no image of her unfortunately ... I think I used to have one, but most of my photo albums were lost in storage years ago when I was in the military.   Including this one (assuming it uploads) only so you can see us at Klein's Gym to add legitimacy to my post :) 

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