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 Posted: Mon Jul 15th, 2019 05:31 am
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Dr. Strangelove wrote: Spatulapup wrote: Frank Zappa. I enjoy watching interviews with him because he was a well spoken smart guy. But his music is horrible. I have tried to give it a chance but I just can't stand it. I have watched live footage and I can't believe people would find it entertaining. Very cool guy though.
I started listening to Frank Zappa in college only because he was different and that I was bored with what everyone was listening to.  I ended up having a huge Zappa CD (and some tape) collection (most of which are now lost).   I actually liked the way he experimented with different types of music, but I can understand why some people find it hard to listen to. 

Zappa songs are either really good or unlistenable.  I have the CD "Have I Offended Someone"  and I really like it, but I bought another CD and after one listen and skipping most of the songs halfway through I was greatly disappointed.  His music is meant to be funny or satyrical and if you're not into that style of music I can see why you'd hate it.

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