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 Posted: Tue Jul 16th, 2019 03:40 pm
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srossi wrote: victhestick wrote: Dr. Strangelove wrote: I had a college roommate who was a major Deadhead, but I don't remember he ever played any of their music in our dorm even though he would played music by others (maybe he even knew it sucked).  There used to be a radio station that I listened to which would have a "Grateful Dead Hour." I gave it s shot a couple of time, but after that I just listened to my CD's instead.

The only Grateful Dead song I know is the one they used to play on MTV in the 80's.  Nice, catchy song, I guess....but the rest of their other stuff are just garbage.

Touch of Grey

That's one more song than I know, so now I guess I need to YouTube this one.  The Dead thing just completely perplexes me, but I've always accepted that you just need to be stoned or tripping to be remotely interested in it, and that's not me.  And I can see drugs heightening a Pink Floyd experience, but the Dead seem like they suck regardless. 
I rate the Dead the same way I rate Springsteen. If you listen to some of the songs as individual works, they come across great. Enjoyable songs, lyrics, and musicianship. However, when you go into their 37 minute "Space", it completely falls apart. Garcia comes across as a hack, the two drummers sound like they're playing different songs, and you want to vivisect Bob Weir for wearing those short shorts on stage.

Things like the aforementioned Touch of Grey when taken by themselves, are incredible songs. Throwing Stones actually has a majestic, soaring guitar solo by Garcia which goes with the song perfectly. Anyone who doesn't like Sugar Magnolia is a voracious homosexual who hates the troops and kneels during the national anthem. Lots of good stuff. Tons more is unlistenable. However, they have enough good stuff that they can stay off a list like this.

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