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 Posted: Tue Jul 16th, 2019 07:22 pm
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Spatulapup wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: BlueThunder wrote: Quattro wrote: Biden looks a lot older lately to me. He aged very well but in this past year or two it seems like he aged a bunch and it caught up to hm. I dunno

Exactly. He's just slower on many levels. I looked at Trumps schedule last week and it would wear out a normal 30 year old man. I don't see age hitting Trump like Biden. There is no way he's gonna keep up with the hectic campaign schedule if he wins the primary.

Trump would be somewhat tolerable if he would act like a President instead of insulting people and getting into Twitter wars. It makes him look like a clown and it cheapens the job.

 I have said this too. If he wasn't such a lying Buffoon and would act like a decent human being more people would give him a break now and then. I truly believe he would be happy if everyone liked him. He is that shallow. But he cant help himself. He can't hide his lack of character. And his supporters seem to love that about

Every other president knew how to say one thing and do another.  Obama locked kids in cages at the border and blew up kids overseas, maybe moreso than Trump, but he didn't brag about it.  That's the comfort level Americans expect to have with their elected officials.  They're OK with them being horrible people if they just smile and say the right things and are "on their team".  Trump often seems too dumb to lie, which is what his supporters love about him.  Trump also loves fanning the flames but is too thin-skinned to take the heat.  He wants to be loved, which is why he keeps having rallies 3 years into his presidency.  He needs those 5,000 people in each city who are right in front of him literally cheering, even as millions are bashing him in the press.  That's how he sleeps at night.  He's not a complicated guy to figure out, but Democrats are in the fetal position in their safe spaces so they can't beat him.  And they won't in 2020 either.     

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