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 Posted: Tue Jul 16th, 2019 09:37 pm
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I'll say Jefferson Airplane. Sure, they were hot in the late 60's, but their overall career catalog is severely over-rated. And yes, I'm only considering "Jefferson Airplane" and not lumping in "Jefferson Starship" and plain ol' "Starship".

They've long been given a pass because they were there in the late 60's, I feel. I just always assumed their old stuff was the "good stuff"... but I finally listened to it, as an adult, and thought: "that's it?"

I compare that to Fleetwood Mac. Finally listened to their old Peter Green stuff and was pleasantly surprised.

I'll also second that Nirvana was over-rated. Prime example is the song "Lithium". They couldn't come up with a chorus, so went with "Yeahhhh". Okay, so Usher and Lil Jon did the same, 13 years later, but it worked for them.

For KISS-- well, yeah, their songs all sound like they were written by a stray Muppet. But I'd argue that Ace Frehley may have influenced more guitarists than anybody else. Not for his playing technique, but "Space Ace" caught their eye and initially inspired a ton of kids to pick up the instrument.

Plus, Paul Stanley's 1/2 of the basis for Dr. Rockzo, so there's that.

RUSH will always be a personal favorite. They were the first band whose lyrics I completely understood at age 7 ("Red Barchetta"). But they're not for everyone and I get that. Unless you live in Toronto. Then you're required to like them or you'll be exiled to Manitoba.

RUSH fans will always (rightfully) point out their technical prowess. Excluding singing, of course. Everyone knows Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are legends in their fields. However, if Alex Lifeson had been in any other band, people would put him on the shortlist of Great Guitarists.