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 Posted: Wed Jul 17th, 2019 03:02 pm
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Kriss wrote: You could buy a house in the 60s or 70s for about 3.5x the average wage, and a man could support a family with a simple job that he wasn't at constant risk of losing. Today you need 8.5x the combined wage of two people to buy a house. The American Dream is over, and many young people aren't supporting the capitalist status quo any more.
The 3 main problems in runaway costs right now are housing, health care, and college, all caused by government interference in the first place.  Health care is the hardest to fix because of the stakes involved.  Housing wouldn't be that difficult, after a few pain points, if you eliminate a lot of zoning restrictions. 

College I could literally fix in 2 years by ending 100% of college loan programs and strongly advising against anyone taking out personal loans.  There would be about 1,000 rich kids left across every college campus in the country and within 2 years they'd all either be out of business or they'd have to slash tuitions back to affordable rates for the middle class.  Most would choose the latter and be very profitable after cutting back on silly programs and superfluous staff.  Simple as that.  And unlike health care, no one's life is on the line.  An 18-year old would just have to bite the bullet and delay schooling until 20 to basically solve the education problem for generations to come.  Hardly a huge sacrifice to avoid a lifetime of student debt.  There's never been anything easier to fix, and yet socialists want the opposite "solution" to ensure that costs continue to rage more out of control than ever.  They don't get that as long as government is willing to pay for schooling, regular people will never be able to afford it.  Even when people default on their student loans, the schools already got paid.  There's no incentive to keep costs down.  And thus, we're back to the problem with health care...      

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