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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2019 02:19 am
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As most of our readers will be aware by now, the WWE Network recently uploaded 12 ECW supershows to the company’s PPV section. Many people were understandably upset by a distinct lack of content from the territory’s earliest days, with the chosen events beginning in February 1994. Well, Hidden Gems is set to come to the rescue once again as three rare releases (totaling well over 2 hours running time combined) from 1992 are primed for upload tomorrow!

The first two are actually a pair, as “The Best of ECW 1992” volumes 1 and 2 kick things off. As best I can tell, these volumes are exceedingly rare and perhaps the very first home video releases for the company. Therefore, these are quite the find from the gem curators and a tremendous way to get a glimpse of the embryonic stages of what would become a trailblazing entity.

Speaking of great finds, we’re not done yet. Also set for tomorrow is one of several fabled TV pilots for the hardcore fed. Dated 11/28/1992, this episode was taped a good 4+ months before what would become known as Hardcore TV would finally air. Obviously, this pilot has been floating about in tape trading circles for years but it’ll still be rare for the vast majority who believed ECW’s TV history began in April 1993.

Finally, here are the full details (including official synopses) for all 3 videos set to be uploaded to the “WWE Hidden Gems” category within the Vault section tomorrow:

07/14/1992 – The Best of ECW 1992 Volume 1 [Duration: 50:54]
Witness ECW get its start in a sports bar in Philadelphia before becoming one of the most influential wrestling organizations of all time.

10/24/1992 – The Best of ECW 1992 Volume 2 [Duration: 53:13]
Ivan Koloff, Sal Bellomo, The Sandman and more set the tone for the mayhem that would occur over the next decade in ECW.

11/28/1992 – ECW TV Pilot [Duration: 43:34]
The Sandman, The Super Destroyers and King Kahlua compete in this ECW television pilot from the fall of 1992.

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