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 Posted: Thu Jul 18th, 2019 08:44 pm
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Should've been the 1995 AL MVP. I remember a radio interview with some reporter who had a vote and said: "I voted for Mo Vaughn. Because who would you rather have come over to your house-- Vaughn or Belle?" Thought that was such BS reasoning. No way the Indians even sniffed the postseason without Belle around, that year.

(FWIW, in that same year Dante Bichette should've been the NL MVP, but that's a whole different thing)

In his career, Belle was also connected with the weird "climb through the ceiling" corked bat scenario. Plus his alcohol problems before becoming "Albert", and his Phenomenal Forearm into Fernando Vina.

In a way, I respected him for going through counseling at a young age and re-inventing himself as "Albert", instead of "Joey". Seemed like a bust in 1990, but he came back in 1991, was a completely different player, and never looked back.

Like ya' said, his career was about 2-3 years too short for HOF discussion. He played in the 90's, which will always raise suspicion about a batter's numbers.