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 Posted: Sun Jul 21st, 2019 12:00 am
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nyhack56 wrote: beejmi wrote: I think the 18 game thing will happen.

One criticism of the NFL is the 4-game preseason. How easy would it be to chop the preseason down to two games and tack on two games to the regular season?

Because it makes the league look like hypocrites worrying about concussions and player safety and extending the regular season which will increase the chance of injury.
If the NFL goes to 18 regular season games, eliminate two pre-season games, and limits all players by quarters or halfs or games to 16 total games, then it will not make the league look like hypocrites over safety issues. It will also pay respect to season and all-time record holders since they went to the 16 game season 40 years ago.
It's obviously not going to happen, just sayin' though.

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