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 Posted: Fri Jul 26th, 2019 08:37 pm
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Tommy Rich - was fat by 1984. the dude should have worked out somewhat. i guess he should be credited for not getting on the roids. but he just let himself go so early.

Buzz Sawyer - was a great wrestler but too many drugs and just being a pretty rotten person ruined things.

Kerry Von Erich - way too many drugs and just not being that smart.

Billy Jack Haynes - would just up and leave territories (Florida, Mid Atlantic)

Butch Reed - Has said the WWF schedule was wearing him out and if he had got the IC belt things would have got worse. but would have loved to have seen him as IC Champ or US champ in NWA

Barry Windham - again would up and leave places for different reasons...Mid Atlantic, WWF, too many stops and starts. friends said he didn't want it bad enough.

Gino Hernandez - too many drugs obviously that killed him. Tully Blanchard has said he tried to get Gino to come to the Mid Atlantic but Gino was content to stay in Texas. what if.....

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