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 Posted: Sat Jul 27th, 2019 01:57 am
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Tony Atlas - I think his drug addiction really prevented him from becoming a bigger name in wrestling. He is one of the few wrestlers who press slammed Hogan in the 80s and got a clean win over him. The "Soul Patrol" tag team with Rocky Johnson captured the WWF tag team championship but the friction between the two (due to drug use?) caused the team to dissolve quickly despite its popularity with the fans. I assume that promoters may have been leery of giving him a big push due to his drug use as well (don't want your champion making headlines due to a drug bust, etc)

Tommy Rich - His career really seemed to fizzle out after his feud with Buzz Sawyer ended. As many others have said, his physique didn't keep up with the more athletic / muscular look that evolved over the years

Chris Benoit - I think that he could have been an even bigger star over time. Now instead of people talking about his wrestling ability and achievements, they only seem to focus on his tragic ending

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