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--there were other El Paso cards I came across, but with non-Amarillo talent. Just posting the cards that had the Amarillo crew.

1/23/78 El Paso, TX - Coliseum 
The Angel and JJ Dillon vs Ted DiBiase and Ervin Smith (2/3 60 minutes)
Roger Kirby vs Johnny Starr (1 fall 60 minutes)
[Western States HC:] Ricky Romero vs Don Kernodle
Rip Hawk vs Carlos Mata (1 fall 20 minutes)
Dr. Ericson vs Lobo

2/13/78 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
Ricky Romero and Carlos Mata vs Flama Roja and Dennis Stamp
Dory Funk, Jr. vs Roger Kirby
The Super Destroyer vs Don Kernodle (1 fall 45 minutes)
Ted DiBiase vs The Angel (w/JJ Dillon) vs (1 fall 30 minutes)
Ervin Smith vs Johnny Starr (1 fall 20 minutes)

--found this interesting in the El Paso paper..
"Terry Garvin from Amarillo, to use the El Paso County Coliseum on Monday nights at a rate of $350 per night or 5 percent of ticket sales, whichever is greater. Sal Romo, who has been promoting wrestling in El Paso for the past couple of years, will continue to use the Coliseum's small arena on some Sundays and alternate Mondays at a cost of about $200 per night"

6/18/79 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
Blackjack Mulligan vs Dick Murdoch
Brute Bernard vs JJ Dillon
Little Tokyo vs Coconut Willie
Alex Perez vs El Mongol
Ted Heath vs Tommy Sharpe

7/2/79 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
International Title Match: Blackjack Mulligan (ch) vs Cyclone Negro
Brute Bernard vs Skandor Akbar
Winona Little Heart vs Judy Martin
Larry Lane vs Dennis Stamp
Ted Heath vs Rip Hawk

7/3/79 Mescalero, NM - Mescalero Community Center
Brute Bernard vs Blackjack Mulligan

7/16/79 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
Dick Murdoch vs JJ Dillon
Brute Bernard vs Skandor Akbar (Lumberjack)
El Mongol vs Ricky Romero
Nick Roberts vs Steve Starr
Alex Perez vs Mr. Sato

7/30/79 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
Dick Murdoch and Cyclone Negro vs JJ Dillon and Skandor Akbar
Brass Knuckles Title: El Mongol (ch) vs Ricky Romero
Winona Little Heart vs Leilani Kai
Alex Perez vs Ted Heath

8/13/79 El Paso, TX - Coliseum
International Title Match: Dick Murdoch (ch) vs JJ Dillon
El Halcon vs Carlos Mata
Reno Tuufulo and Ati Tago vs Cyclone Negro and Kevin Von Erich
plus one more..

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