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 Posted: Sun Aug 4th, 2019 07:10 pm
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TNN's "RollerJam" in 1999-2001 seemed to be more choreographed than the other variations. It aired either right before, or right after, ECW.

I only tried watching the late 80's "RollerGames" once or twice. I thought it was odd that they had an alligator pit for overtime games. Like a kiddie pool in the middle of the track, with a small alligator in it. The wrestling bears have nothing on the RolerGames Alligator.

I have a friend who currently competes in the local Roller Derby league. It's straight forward competition, not a lot of violence, and is about as risque as a softball game. The only thing wacky about it, is that the skaters all have funny/punny names.