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 Posted: Mon Aug 5th, 2019 07:00 pm
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tamalie wrote: In the early to mid 1980s or so, I saw some Roller Games from the Olympic Auditorium with the Los Angeles Thunderbirds in the green and yellow uniforms on TV. The T-Birds were the big babyface team. Several other teams all had very generic geographic names like the Western Outlaws and such. I was a wrestling fan, but despite how campy that was, Roller Games seemed even more so. Plus, I was a team sports fan and while it was easier to accept that win-loss records weren't kept in pro wrestling because at the time it was hard to follow those categories in individual sports like tennis and golf, while in boxing the records were kept but fighters often went a while between fights which didn't make TV, I could make no sense of any sort of league standings in Roller Games. Plus, despite how easy it now seems, in my youth I found the rules hard to follow. It just looked like people skating around and around.

They brought in matches to the Twin Cities on two occasions during that era that I can document. On Friday November 12, 1982, the T-Birds faced the Detrot Devils. On Thursday October 25, 1984, the T-Birds faced the New York Bombers. Both events were at Met Center, then the home of the Minnesota North Stars which had a capacity of 15,000 plus for NHL games. For the 1982 show, a good natured newspaper preview said 11,000 to 12,000 fans were expected and the hope was for a sellout. I seem to remember them coming back again around 1986, but can't find any evidence that this actually happened so far.
In our market the T-Birds were the bad guys in 74/75.  The heel team.  Same with the NY Chiefs.  They actually had a segment where their announcers invaded the space of the Philadelphia Warriors announcers and took over the broadcast.  As you can see the invasion angle was hardly new.