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 Posted: Mon Aug 5th, 2019 08:56 pm
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We've all seen our share of wrestling cards, sporting events, concerts, and other special events. That means we've all seen our share of crazy stuff in the stands. That could be fights, big arguments that didn't cross over to violence, fans invading the field or ring or stage or whatever, couples getting it on, drug use and dealing, vandalism, some guy falling down the stairs while carrying a bunch of beers that spilled everywhere, the Red Sea parting when someone took a stage dive with the dude splatting on the floor or whatever.
My stories will probably be pale compared to most, but I'll give it a go to get things rolling. Some friends and I road tripped to Chicago in 1993 to see the Twins and White Sox play. It was a much rowdier crowd in Chicago compared to home. The roving beer vendors carried beer in cans that they poured into cups that were given to customers. At the top row of the bleachers, a beer vendor tripped on the top step and fell to the ground with his cans of beer taking a tumble. Rather than check to see if the guy was okay, people immediately went for the beer, grabbing cans and getting out of sight in a hurry. The vendors buy the beer wholesale and then sell it at retail. He had to have lost a dozen beers and was angry to put it mildly.
The Twin Cities were usually an A or B show town for the WWF, but in September of 1987 we got a strange card that bordered on C show level. The main event was Paul Orndorff vs. King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan handcuffed to Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Originally it was Ken Patera vs. Bundy, but Ken had a legit arm injury. Then he was going to be handcuffed to Heenan, but his arm was bad enough that on the night he seconded Paul and Heenan was handcuffed to the newly rehired Hacksaw Jim Duggan who hadn't been back on TV yet. We also got Randy Savage, who was in the process of going babyface but hadn't completed turning yet, against Sika of all people with no Elizabeth which upset a few people.
During a Don Muraco vs. Bob Orton Jr. undercard match, the fans could not have cared less as Muraco had just turned babyface but wasn't getting the big push as The Rock yet. During the match, with only about 5,000 people tops in a 16,000 seat arena, out of nowhere a fan tossed a full garbage can from the portal to the concourse all the way down the stairs to the floor. It sounded incredibly loud because the stairs in that end were metal retractable seats and the place was so empty that the noise echoed. Everyone was caught off guard and stunned by the noise. That included Muraco and Orton who stopped wrestling and walked over to the ropes on that side of the ring to look at what was happening along with everyone else.